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Dos and don'ts for worry free driving, riding experience

Driving on India streets could get complicated, so here are some tips to avoid unnecessary complications.

Advait Berde

Driving or riding on Indian streets is a difficult task on its own. The congested lanes, heavy traffic and bad road conditions can often lead to a frustrating and disappointing experience. While you cannot always prevent a mishap from happening, here is what you can do to avert complications in case of one:

Carry valid documents

Although according to recent amendments, a driver can keep a digital copy of their vehicle’s documents, it is always beneficial to have a spare hard copy handy. This will prevent any accusations about wrong driving and will ease things out in case of insurance claims.

Befriend the police

Often people are apprehensive or reluctant to talk to the police in case of an accident, even if they are innocent. This can cause the actual perpetrator to escape scot-free. Instead, aim for lodging a complaint about your accident at the nearest police station as soon as possible, and let them help you through damage recovery.

Your signal, your way

As simple as it might sound, following traffic signals is very important for road safety. Like you have to stop at a red signal, it is also your right to cross when the signal turns green. Do not hesitate to exercise that right.

Believe in security cameras

A lot of people do not believe CCTV cameras installed on the roads across the city are in working order. On the contrary, the cameras are your most significant friends on the road, as they are a fool proof and absolute witness to all the events that take place. CCTV cameras can play a vital role in understanding the actual reason of a crash.
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