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Microsoft IllumiRoom: a gimmick or paradigm shift in home entertainment?

Dubbed as IllumiRoom, the Microsoft Research project aims to enhance the way we experience video games and movies...

January 16, 2013 / 12:45 PM IST

Back in 2011, Sony had showcased a series of spectacular videos transforming the humble living room into a digital canvas brought to life with augmented reality. The mind-bending visual imagery showcased in the videos was achieved by projecting moving images onto every surface in the room using strategically placed projectors. Earlier this month, Microsoft showcased a similar augmented reality (AR) take on gaming at CES 2013, where regular Xbox games leapt from the confines of the TV set and onto the surrounding walls.Dubbed as IllumiRoom, this Microsoft Research project leverages the Kinect motion sensor to make the system hassle-free enough to be considered feasible for deployment at the consumer end. Make no mistake; this hasn't in any way been hinted as an upcoming product. Microsoft has termed it a proof of concept at the moment. Although it may look almost dubiously similar to PlayStation's aforementioned AR room-projection videos, it would be wise to hold your horses before making a beeline for the comments section to flame Microsoft for ripping off Sony.

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