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Budget 2023
Budget 2023

Smart Agriculture & Digitization: Embedding sustainability at the grassroots

April 29, 2022 / 06:58 PM IST

Smart Agriculture is vital, now more than ever as the world stands at the cusp of irreversible climate change. A new era of digital tools and efficient processes are overhauling one of humankind’s oldest occupations. Agri-digitization, therefore, is not merely a natural progression, but a tool to empower millions of farmers, including small and marginal farmers to prepare for climate variability, be effective in carbon emission reductions and optimise use of natural resources.

Sowing a Field of Dreams

Conventional smart agriculture is built around a network of sensors. These provide precise and real-time information to farmers, which allows them to exactly chart out the irrigational and nutritional needs of their crops. Remote monitoring allows farmers to drive efficiency by effective and data-driven use of human resources to engage in higher-value generating tasks. Modern location systems, based on GPS and applications of drone technology, are also expected to bring a semblance of consistency to land records, further encouraging investment in smart agricultural tools, and implementation of smart farming techniques.

Nurturing The Grassroots