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The odds are stacking up against farm input exporters

While inflation and currency volatility are exerting unforeseen costs, drought in Europe can weaken demand

August 10, 2022 / 09:23 AM IST
The odds are stacking up against farm input exporters

A Farmer stands on his dry meadow and hopes that the clouds in the sky will finally bring rain

The rally in farm produce prices benefited agriculture input exporters more than India focused companies. UPL, PI Industries and Sharda Cropchem, which derive the majority of their revenues from overseas markets, outperformed Rallis India and Dhanuka Agritech in FY22. Though not exceptional, the export focused companies delivered relatively better earnings performance in the June quarter. Revenue growth of UPL, PI Industries, Sharda Cropchem is higher than Rallis and Dhanuka. Even so, the export focused companies may struggle to repeat the...

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