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Stricter punishment is the only way to prevent front running 

Unless the cost of chasing greed is made prohibitive such cases of front-running, market manipulation and insider trading will continue.  

May 10, 2022 / 09:50 AM IST
Stricter punishment is the only way to prevent front running 

Moneycontrol studied the data for the first half of each of the last three fiscal years. We found that 15 stocks from the BSE universe consistently surged over 30 percent during the first six months of each of the last three fiscal years (H1FY20, H1FY21, and H1FY22). We considered only companies with a market cap of over Rs 1000 crore. (Data Source: ACE Equity). Take a look at how these consistent performers do on Moneycontrol's SWOT analysis.

  According to a conservative estimate by the FBI, the US witnesses nearly $300 billion in white-collar crimes as compared to $16 billion in street crimes. White-collar crimes are non-violent but include crimes such as embezzlement, stock manipulation, insider trading, and front-running. In India, unfortunately, we do not have any data on the level at which white-collar crimes are taking place. Given the size of the scams that are unravelled over the years, the monetary difference between street crimes and white-collar crimes in India could...

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