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Digital push could upend the pharmaceutical supply chain

Digital platforms can improve the reach of doctors and pharmaceutical products. However, competitive pricing can pose risks to the pharma retail network

November 23, 2021 / 10:05 AM IST
Digital push could upend the pharmaceutical supply chain

The Flipkart group has entered the healthcare sector acquiring majority stake in Sastasundar Marketplace. Sastasundar is an online pharmacy and digital healthcare services provider. The acquisition comes after similar moves by business groups such as Reliance and Tata. Flipkart’s chief marketplace rival Amazon India launched an online pharmacy last year. Another competitor PharmEasy acquired Thyrocare Technologies to expand its service offerings. Apollo Hospitals has formed a separate subsidiary to scale-up its digital healthcare platform. The objective is to offer comprehensive solutions, wooing costumers with competitive prices and convenient solutions. This can have a two-sided impact on...

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