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Tata Motors Q3 FY20: JLR to the rescue

January 31, 2020 / 02:47 PM IST
Tata Motors Q3 FY20: JLR to the rescue

The regulator instructed the Director General (DG) to investigate matter under the provisions of Section 26(1) of the Act, ordered an investigation report within 60 days (Representative Image)

Tata Motors’ (CMP: Rs 186.3, Mcap: Rs 61,424 crore) numbers for the December quarter were in line with Street expectations. Its Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) business posted a strong operational performance on the back of cost reduction efforts, favourable product mix and commodity prices. All these factors helped JLR to report a profit. The domestic business, however, continues to face severe challenges with a significant decline in volumes, revenues and operating profitability. JLR is expected to do well, especially, in China. However...

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