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Options Trade | A non-directional options strategy in Nifty

Nifty is expected to remain sideways within our range. A Double Butterfly (Asymmetrical) trade to capitalise on

July 20, 2022 / 07:16 AM IST
Options Trade | A non-directional options strategy in Nifty

Krsnaa Diagnostics: Krsnaa Diagnostics bags order for supply & maintenance CT Scan center, from Rajasthan government. The company received order from Rajasthan Medical Education Society (Directorate of Medical Education), for supply, installation, operation and maintenance of CT Scan Center at Raj - MES Medical College at Churu, Rajasthan on public private partnership (PPP) basis. As per the tender awarded, the company will set up a CT Scan machine 64 slice scanner at MES Medical College. The tenure of contract will be 10 years.

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