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Dear Moneycontrol user, we have simplified the login & registration process

You will now be able to login to your Moneycontrol account via Facebook and Google.

Dear Moneycontrol User,

To improve your experience of using Moneycontrol and to simplify access to your account, we rolled out a new login & registration system on September 6. You can now choose to sign up with your Google or Facebook accounts and access all of Moneycontrol products with a single account.

We received feedback that some users were not able to access their portfolio since we made the changes. This was due to technical reasons, most of which have been resolved and almost all users are now able to access their portfolio.

While we have made these changes, there is NO CHANGE in your Portfolio & Watchlist data and you can continue to login with your USER ID + PASSWORD (as you used to login earlier) without any hassle.

Login with User ID and Password:

Both old and new users can continue to access their account by logging in with their USER ID + PASSWORD across the website, mobile site, and app. The User IDs are case-sensitive, so please use the User ID as-is. If your User ID has uppercase letters, you may not be able log in using lower case and vice-versa. In case of any trouble or to get the list of User IDs registered against your Email ID, try the reset your password option.

Login in with Facebook and Google:

If your registered email id in Moneycontrol is not same as you have on Facebook/Google, a new account will be created. To continue to access your old account, you will have to use your User ID + Password to login.

 Forgot Password:

In case you have forgotten your password, please enter your Email ID on the Forgot Password pop-up, you will receive and email with all the User IDs registered against the Email ID you input. You can then reset password for each of the User IDs separately. In case you do not receive the email, please check your Spam folder.  In case you still do not find the email, please email us at

Verifying Your Account

As a registered Moneycontrol user, you will now HAVE to verify your Email ID and Mobile Number, as a one-time exercise. We have now made this mandatory to provide greater security and ease of access to your accounts.

Here are the steps to verify the Email ID and Mobile Number:

- Login on with your USER ID + PASSWORD (Click here)

- Go to your Profile Page (Click here) – appears under the User’s Name appearing on extreme-top-right

-Fill up the form on Profile Page and verify the Email ID and Mobile Number

Users with One Email ID and One User ID

If you have only 1 Email ID and 1 User ID registered on Moneycontrol, everything will work seamlessly. Just login and verify your Email ID and Mobile number to safeguard your account.

Users with One Email ID and Multiple User IDs

If you have multiple User IDs created with one email id, then there will be some impact, please note as follows:

- 1 Email ID can have only 1 User ID (we are discontinuing supporting multiple User IDs against 1 Email ID). The User ID which you use most frequently will automatically get associated with your Email ID

- If you want to change the User ID associated with your Email ID by default, place a request at, the support team will do the needful for you

- Other User IDs, which are no longer associated with your Email ID will still be accessible and you can login with User ID + Password. However this will be available to you only for a few months only. You will have to change the Email ID associated with the User ID to continue using our services.

Portfolio & Watchlist:

To reiterate, there is no modification to the data you have stored in your Portfolio & Watchlist, the data is safe and available. In case after login, you are not able to see your portfolio, please reset the password, there may be chances that you have multiple accounts and the portfolio appears in an account different from which you logged in.

The aim of this exercise is to provide our valued users a unified experience across all Moneycontrol platforms – One User, One Profile – and to ensure security for our users’ data.

If you still face any issues relating to accessing your account or data, please write to

Team Moneycontrol

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