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5 steps in creating a business plan that your investors won't refuse

Apr 17, 2020 / 04:38 PM IST

A business plan is one of the basic foundational blocks of the corporate world, one that pans out the entire future of a business even before it is born. In this sense, it maps out the key roadmap that not only guides you in the right direction but also showcases your true mettle to your investors. This makes it imperative for any successful business to have a well-thought-out business plan.

If you are planning to make one, here are some crucial must-have ingredients that you need to root for:

Create a company profile

Begin by creating a company profile that includes information such as your organisation’s history, the products/services that you offer, your target market, the primary problem that you are looking to solve, and everything that makes you stand out.

Document every business aspect

Anyone who plans to invest in your business would want to know every facet of the trade. Documenting everything in your organisation, right from your expenses, cash flow, and industry projections would go a long way in convincing them. You can even add minor details such as niche partnerships, specific hiring requirements in the future, and licensing agreements.

Marketing versus strategic marketing
Your business plan should successfully reflect that you know the distinction between the two. To achieve this, your marketing plan should include provisions for:
- Capturing markets of new products or expanding the ones of existing products.
- Being specific about how to boost sales in certain regions or how to explore new territories.
- Entering into long-term and profitable contracts with new and existing clientele.

- Having a clear and concrete strategy for every marketing channel.

Tailor it to the audience
You can write a single master business plan, but minor versions of it can be adapted according to the audience that is reading it. For instance, here are the key expectations of various stakeholders:
- Lenders: Present and future financial projections.
- Investors: Product, service, and marketing plans.

- Public: Growth prospects in the future.

Your document can even change on the basis of the investor that you are pitching to. While one investor might be more interested in short-term projections, another might be looking at a longer investment horizon with much better returns.

Have an impeccable market analysis
In-depth analysis of your company’s industry, market, and competitors is mandatory to convince investors that you walk the talk. They should be convinced that you have a 360-degree purview of the entire industry. Typical elements here include:
- Market overview
- Market characteristics
- Market size and growth
- Market share potential
- Market pricing
- Market barriers

- Competitor research

What parameters do you plan to include in your business plan? Share with us in the comments section!
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first published: Apr 17, 2020 04:38 pm

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