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Looking for migration? Investment Immigration Summit 2019 will solve your queries

The following article is an initiative of NYSA and is intended to create awareness among the users
Looking for migration? Investment Immigration Summit 2019 will solve your queries

Various countries are tightening their visa and immigration policies, making it tougher for people to settle overseas. Getting popular visas is also becoming difficult, due to which many people are unable to realise their dreams of settling down in other countries.

In the backdrop of such dramatic policy changes, investment immigration is exploding and becoming a popular way to migrate to different countries.

Many professionals, HNIs, business owners, wealth managers, etc., are opting for investment immigration that allows people to invest and create employment in places they want to reside.

To educate aspiring people more on investment immigration and how they can migrate overseas, Nysa Global is holding CNBC-TV18 Global Investment Immigration Summit 2019, powered by Moneycontrol, at the St. Regis, Mumbai on March 19, 10am onwards.

The summit will provide access to the most updated information and intelligence on developments driving foreign investor interest and will also discuss a comprehensive array of investment immigration programmes available around the world.

Over 15 speakers from across the world will discuss the future of immigration, investment immigration and overseas FDI and how turning to investment immigration can help them in a big way.

The experts will also discuss the status quo of investment immigration in India and elsewhere, the newest opportunities, the latest trends. The summit will also give insights on investment immigration programs in USA, Canada. UK, Ireland, Portugal and Greece.