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Titan Company Ltd.

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Company History - Titan Company
 - The Company was Incorporated on 26th July, at Chennai.  The
 Manufacture analog electronic watches with a choice of over 150
 designs.  The company was promoted jointly by Questar Investments,
 Ltd., a Tata Company with its associates Tata Sons, Ltd., and Tata
 Press, Ltd., and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, Ltd.
 (TIDCO).  The main objective of the company is to manufacture analog
 electronic watches with a choice of over 150 designs.
 - The Company undertook to set up a plant for the manufacture of
 quartz analog electronic watches in the State Industries Promotion
 Corporation of Tamil Nadu, Ltd. Industrial area at Hosur.
 - The Company entered into a collaboration agreement with France
 Ebauches (FE) of France, manufacturers of watch movements and
 components, for technical documentation, assistance in procurement of
 manufacturing equipments, raw materials, etc.
 - The Company proposed to manufacture 2 million digital and ana-digi
 watches in collaboration with Casio Computer Company of Japan.  A MOU
 was signed between the Company and Casio in November, 1986.
 - The Company established a manufacturing facility at Hosur for the
 manufacture of components for watches.
 - In April the Company also issued 5,25,000 - 13.5% secured
 redeemable partly convertible debentures of Rs 300 each for cash at
 par.  The debentures were allotted on preferential basis: (i) 26,250
 debentures to employees/workers of the Company and associate
 companies (ii) 52,500 debentures to shareholders of Tata Press Ltd.
 and (iii) 1,31,250  debentures to NRIs on repatriation basis.  The
 remaining 3,04,500 debentures along with the unsubscribed portion of
 78,900 debentures from the preferential quota were offered for public
 subscription during 
 April.  Additional 1,31,250 debentures were allotted to retain
 - The convertible portion of Rs 100 of the face value of each
 debenture was converted into 10 equity shares of Rs 10 each at the
 end of three months from the date of allotment of debentures
 (65,62,500 equity shares were allotted accordingly).
 - The non-convertible portion of Rs 200 of the face value of each
 debenture was to be redeemed at par at the end of the 10 years from
 the date of allotment of debentures.
 - A new range of watches called `Aqura' was launched in December.
 - The case plant at Hosur was commissioned.  The plant was to produce
 1.5 million watch cases.  The project cost was financed partly through
 internal resources and largely through borrowings from IFC, Washington
 and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, Ltd.
 - The Company set up a satellite case plant at Dehra Dun in Uttar
 Pradesh with a capacity of 5,00,000 watch cases per annum to improve
 operating efficiency and reduce costs.
 - During August, the Company issued 2,52,000 - 12.5% convertible
 debentures of Rs 500 each as follows: (i) 2,40,000 debentures on
 rights basis in the proportion 1 debenture: 100 equity shares held
 and (ii) 12,000 debentures to employees/workers of the Company on an
 basis.  A total of 2,84,455 debentures were allotted under this issue
 including retention of oversubscription.
 - Part `A' of each debenture of face value of Rs 100 was compulsorily
 and automatically converted into 10 equity shares of Rs 10 each at par
 on expiry of six months from the date of allotment of debentures.
 - Part `B' of each debenture of the face value of Rs 200 was
 converted into 4 equity shares of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 50
 per share on 1.10.92.
 - Part `C' the non-convertible portion of each debenture of face
 value of Rs 200 was to be redeemed at par at the end of the 10th year
 from the date of allotment of debentures.
 - The proceeds of the issue were to be utilised to meet a part of the
 fund requirement of the company's project to manufacture watch cases
 and other critical components inhouse.
 - The Company proposed to offer 40,26,700-12.5% fully convertible
 debentures of Rs 100 each on Rights basis in the proportion 2 debs:
 20 equity shares held.  Another 2,012,340 - 12.5% debentures were to
 be issued to the employees' on an equitable basis.
 - Rs 40 of the face value of each debenture was to be converted into
 1 equity share of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 30 per share on or
 before 30th September, 1995.
 - Rs 60 of the face value of each debenture was to be converted into
 1 equity share of Rs 10 each at a premium not exceeding Rs 50 per
 share on or before 30th September, 1996.
 - A joint venture Company along with Economic Development Council of
 Goa, Daman & Diu Ltd., in the name of Titan Time Products, Ltd., was
 set up at Goa, for the manufacture of Electronic Circuit Blocks.
 - The company undertook to set up a jewellery business at Hosur.  The
 jewellery repertoire was to include both daily-wear jewellery and
 luxury products.
 - Grant Walker, a U.K. based firm, was to provide the necessary
 consultancy services and the marketing was to be undertaken worldwide
 through an offshore company controlled by Titan Watches Ltd., with its
 mainbase in London.
 - The Company along with other Tata Associates were to participate in
 the equity of Timex, who were to offer equity shares of Rs 10 each at
 a premium of Rs 40 per share.  It was also proposed to make a Partly
 convertible debenture of nearly Rs 60 crores.
 - Over 150 new models were introduced of which `Raga' introduced in
 June, `Spectra' a range of watches in steel and gold plated was
 reintroduced with a new look in August.  It was proposed to introduce
 a host of new products based on new movements.
 - It was also proposed to sell the brand name `Aqura' and the right
 to make Aqura products to Timex, with a view to move up market.
 - With a view to streamling the Company's international operations,
 it was decided to set up a wholly owned subsidiary Titan Holdings BV
 in Netherlands.  Approval was received for investment of share
 capital of 2 million U.S. $ in that Company.
 - Titan Time Products, Ltd., is a joint sector project set up with
 the Economic Development Council of Goa, Daman and Diu. 
 - Titan Properties Ltd., was incorporated to undertake land
 development and housing scheme for the Company's employees at Hosur.
 - The Company issued 134,22,300 Rights equity shares of Rs 10 each
 for cash at a premium of Rs 40 per share in the proportion 1:2 (all
 were taken up).
 - Another 5,69,000 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each were issued at
 a premium of Rs 40 per share in proportion 2 shares: 1 debenture held
 to Part B holders of 12.5%.  Convertible debentures issued in 1989.
 (all were taken up).
 - 6,99,600 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each were offered at a
 premium of Rs 40 per share to employees of the Company and those of
 promoter companies on an equitable basis (only 3,02,600 shares taken
 - The name of the Company was changed with effect from 21st Sept. 
 from Titan Watches, Ltd. to Titan Industries Ltd., in view of the
 fact that the Company's products consisted of not only watches but
 also jewellery.
 - The Company introduced `Tanishq' range of watches made of 18 carat
 gold and studded with precious stones.  A new range of watch
 `Insignia' manufactured for the European market likely to be
 introduced in the domestic market.
 - The Company proposed to expand the watch manufacturing to 5 million
 pieces by adding some balancing equipment and productivity devices in
 the component manufacturing plants.
 - The Company proposed to establish new facilities for the
 manufacture of table clocks with a capacity of 1.5 million pieces per
 annum.  New facilities were also being established for the manufacture
 of complex integrated metal bracelets with a capacity of 1.2 million
 with technical assistance from a reputed manufacturer in Japan.
 - A new Company was established in Singapore to market products in
 South and South East Asian countries.
 - The Company proposed to set up a joint venture company with Hour
 Glass of Singapore to set up watch boutiques in leading Indian cities
 for the sale of luxury watches and also be responsible for wholesale
 and after-sales operations.
 - The Company has introduced new economy range of watches called
 Sonata and Tanistiq's 22 Karat ethnic Jewellery during the year.
 - 23,00,000 Pref. shares issued on private placement basis.
 - 3.5%, 14% and 12% redeemable cumulative preference shares has been
 fully redeemed.
 - The Company now has 102 exclusive Titan Showrooms and a chain of 83
 Timezone outlets in addition to being present in over 5400 dealer
 outlets in 1300 towns and cities across the country.
 - Mr A C Mukherji and Mr T K Balaji retire by rotation and are
 eligible for reappointment.
 - During the year, the Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation
 (TIDCO) nominated Mr R Gopalan, their Chairman and Managing Director.
 - The Research & Development Group has developed a slim movement with
 date which has been introduced in the market.
 - Titan Industries has announced the launch of Cyber, a range of
 digital clocks.
 - ICRA has withdrawn the A1+ rating assigned to the Rs 15 crore CP
 programme of the company as there is no outstanding against the
 - Titan Industries has been conferred the award for excellence in
 electronics for the year 1998 by the ministry of information
 technology  (MIT).
 - Titan has launched a new `Style at Work' collection under its
 Classique range.
 - Tanishq, the jewellery division of Titan Industries Ltd, has opened
 its second showroom in Kerala.
 - Pizza Hut has introduced baarah nahi toh tera, a new deal in which
 a customer who orders a `speed lunch' gets it in 12 minutes, or gets
 it free.  As part of the offer, Pizza Hut has entered into a tie-up
 with Titan, through which a Titan Fast-track watch will be displayed
 on every table to mark the 12 minute countdown.
 - Titan Industries' jewellery arm Tanishq is getting into an
 memorandum of understading with Canara Bank and Corporation Bank to
 convert gold articles into slabs.
 - Titan Industries is considering launching a `third brand' for the
 upper end.
 - Titan Industries unveiled a new range of wrist-watches, called the
 Classique range, for Corporate Executives.
 - Titan Industries has announced a new range of Fastrack watches for
 young women in the city
 - Titan Industries Ltd. has launched three new collections of its
 popular Dash brand of watches for kids -- Popeye, Digital and
 - Titan Industries on June 27 reported its profit rose 21.8 per cent
 in the past year to March, reflecting strong sales growth by its
 jewellery division.
 - Titan Industries Ltd informs that the Board of Directors have
 appointed Mr.  V.K.Jeyakodi, IAS, Executive Director, Tamil
 Industrial Development Corporation Ltd as a Director of the Company,
 in place of Mr. Hemant Kumar Sinha who has resigned.
 - Titan Industries Ltd informs that Mr Bhaskar Bhat is appointed as
 Managing Director of the Company.Mr Bhaskar Bhat succeeds Mr Xerxes
 Desai who steps down as Managing Director on March 31, 2002, at the
 end of his tenure.
 -Titan Industries Ltd,  the Board of Directors have appointed Mr M
 Kalaivanan, appointment  in place of Mr V K Jeyakodi who has resigned
 from the Board on March 27, 2002.The Board of Directors have also
 appointed Mr Krishnadas Nair as an additional independent Director on
 the Board of the Company effective May 02, 2002.
 - At the Board meeting of Titan Industries Ltd held today (June 26,
 2002), the Board of Directors noted and accepted the resignation of
 Mr A Gowrishankar as Chairman and Director and Mr M Kalaivanan as a
 Director, both of them were nominee directors of TamilNadu Industrial
 Development Corporation Ltd (Tidco) The Directors have also approved
 the appointment of Dr R Vijaykumar as a Nominee Director of Tidco in
 place of Mr M Kalaivanan.
 - Titan Industries Ltd decides that it would be in the long-term
 interest of the company to rationalise its manpower and to improve
 productivity. With a view to achieve this objective and keeping the
 best interests of both employees and the company in mind the company
 has decided to introduce a Voluntary Retirement Scheme to its
 permanent employees. The scheme has been notified today July 25, 2002
 to the employees of the company.
 -Arun Kumar appointed as Director & Chairman of Titan Industries.
 -Tanishq steps into  a new segment  Silverware. The silverware range
 has been designed by Michael Folly, the designer for Titan. We have
 introduced silverware in all metros, said YL Saroja, group manager,
 sales and marketing, Tanishq. This is a Rs 5,000 crore market and has
 few organised and branded players.
 -Management decided to declare partial lock-out at the company's
 manufacturing facilities
 at Hosur.
 -Floats towards automotive and aerospace precision mechatronics for
 aviation and auto
 -Mr Jacob Kurian, Chief Operating Officer gives his resignation to
 the company.
 -Soldbusiness of publishing Readers Digest Magazine for a lumpsum
 consideration of Rs 150 million to Living Media India ltd.
 -GVM International Ltd., a licensee of Tommy Hilfiger Licensing Inc
 (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tommy Hilfiger Corporation), and a
 member of the Murjani Group, enters into an exclusive sub-licensing
 agreement with Titan Industries Ltd to market and distribute Tommy
 Hilfiger watches in the country
 -Relaunches 'Raga', the women's watch range
 -Titan has announced the launch of a new collection of women's
 watches called 'Raga Miniatures'. Small and delicate in size the
 watches bracelets in 15 varieties of gold and steel and is priced at
 Rs 2995 onwards.
 -Titan Industries Ltd announced the launch of the customer service
 `Original Spares' logo
 -Titan has announced the launch of Raga 9 to 5 collection of watches
 aimed at working women. The collection comprises around 40 designs
 and is targeted at women in the age group of 25 to 45. The new range
 is available at a price ranging from Rs 1650 to Rs 5000.
 -Titan Industries on June 18, 2004, announced the launch of the Tommy
 Hilfiger watch collection in India. Titan has entered into an
 exclusive sub-licensing arrangement with GVM International Ltd, a
 member of the Murjani Group, for the marketing and distribution of
 Tommy Hilfiger watches in India
 -Watch and jewellery manufacturer Titan Industries forayed into the
 fashion accesssories industry with the launch of sunglasses, a Rs
 330-crore market
 -Rolls out new range of designer eyewear in Chennai
 -Titan Industries on July 22, 2004, launched the Flip collection - a
 dual-faced watch that incorporates two watch movements embedded in a
 single case
 -Titan rolls out new range of jewellery watches under the 'Nebula'
 -Titan Industries launches Crown Collection watches
 -Titan partners with LVMH Group
 -Titan Industries launches Cal Track
 -Titan re-introduces Fastrack range of watches
 -Titan introduces new gold & steel collection in Coimbatore
 -Titan rolls out bi-metal range of watches in Vizag
 -Titan launches multiple watches under Raga coordinate range
 -Titan Industries Ltd has informed that Mr. Harish Bhat is being
 appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Watches and Licensing &
 Accessories Division of the Company.
 -Titan to set up Tanishq exclusive stores in US
 -Titan Industries unveils Xylys watche
 -Titan Ind sets up boutique in Banjara Hills
 -Titan Industries Ltd Issues Rights in the Ratio of 1:20
 -Titan Industries Ltd has informed that Mr. Sunil Paliwal, IAS,
 Executive Director, Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation Ltd
 (TIDCO) has been inducted as an Additional Director in the Board of
 the Company with effect from February 26, 2007.
 - Titan Industries Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors of
 the Company at its meeting held on October 29, 2007, inter alia, has
 appointed Mr. Kumar Jayant, IAS, nominee Director, Tamilnadu
 Industrial Development Corporation Ltd as an Additional Director in
 the Board of the Company with effect from October 29, 2007.
 Mr. Sunil Paliwal, IAS, nominee Director, Tamilnadu Industrial
 Development Corporation Ltd has resigned as Director of the Company.
 -TIL ties up with Sankara Nethralaya
 - Titan Industries Ltd has appointed Mrs. Anita Praveen, IAS,
 Chairperson & Managing Director of Tamilnadu Industrial Development
 Corporation Ltd (TIDCO) as an Additional Director of the Company with
 effect from June 01, 2009.
 -Titan Eye Plus launches world class Lens Manufacturing unit !
 -Fastrack, India's most popular fashion accessories brand, recently
 signed on Genelia D'souza to be the face of the brand. The fashion
 brand lends its irreverent character to Genelia bringing out the
 edgy, sexy side of the previously sweet & bubbly Genelia in the Sweet
 No More Sunglasses Campaign.
 -Innovation School of Management receives the prestigious Gold
 -Tanishq was awarded the World Brand Congress Global Awards for
 Brand Leadership in Durables Category.
 -Tanishq wins the coveted Effie Awards.
 -TITAN has been ranked 10th among 16,000 of the brands studied across
 9 cities in the The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2011. 
 -Titan Industries Ltd. - Jewellery Division has won 3rd position in
 the Productivity championship award for Innovative diamond setting
 process at IMTMA National Productivity summit conducted by IMTMA in
 Bangalore on 13th Dec 2011.
 -Titan Industries Limited and Brand Tanishq win 3 awards at the Star
 Retailer and Franchise Awards 2011.
 -Titan Industries, jewellery division was awarded Gold Award in
 Engineering sector in the Economic Times India Manufacturing
 Excellence Awards 2011
 -Jewellery division of Titan Industries Limited has been awarded the
 Golden Peacock Innovation award for the year 2010 in the Engineering
 -Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Re 1
 -Titan Industries has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 -Titan Industries Ltd won a total of 3 awards at the ET retail wards
 which was held in Mumbai on the 18th of January 2012
 -Titan Wins 2 awards at the 12th edition of Images fashion awards
 -Special brooches designed by Tanishq will be worn by the Head of
 States at the 4th BRICS Summit. 
 -Titan Industries Limited has been certified to  OHSAS 18001: 2007 
 Management Systems.
 -Titan Industries Ltd. was selected unanimously by the jury as the
 Best Governed Company 2012 by Asian Centre for Corporate Governance &
 -Titan Industries won the Client of the Year award at the Campaign
 India Digital Media Awards 2012.
 -Special brooches designed by Tanishq will be worn by the Head of
 States at the 4th BRICS Summit. 
 -The Images fashion awards were held in Mumbai on 12th March 2012
 during the course of the 12th India Fashion Forum
 -Titan Industries Ltd. shall be changed to Titan Company Ltd.
 -Titan Company has entered into a Joint Venture agreement with
 Montblanc Services B.V. Netherlands for establishing operations in
 India for carrying on single brand retail trade.
 -Titan Company Ltd which is engaged in manufacturing of
 watches/accessories, jewelry, precision engineering and eyewear
 stated that their jewellery division has launched first Karigar
 centre for jewellery manufacturing in Hosur.
 -Titan Company Ltd - Titan adds one more feather to its Manufacturing
 Excellence: Commences World Class Stainless Steel Case production in
 -Maison Montblanc has entered into a partnership with Titan Company
 -Titan Company Ltd and HP has entered into a partnership 
 -Titan Company Ltd  Joint Venture with Montblanc Services B.V,
 Netherlands - Continuous Disclosure
 -Titan Company announced a Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) for its
 employees, aiming to reduce head count in order to improve
 -Titan introduces satellite lens manufacturing facility
 - Titan migrates Gold Plus network to Tanishq network