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Watch: 'Chef' Bill Gates makes and tries roti with ghee

Billionaire Bill Gates, who says he loves Indian food, tries to make the north Indian staple.

February 03, 2023 / 09:19 AM IST
Bill Gates in chef Eitan's Bernath's video.

Bill Gates in chef Eitan's Bernath's video.

Billionaire Bill Gates likes fresh, homemade, ghee-slathered rotis as much as you do.

The Microsoft co-founder recently appeared in a video with American celebrity chef Eitan Bernath, where the two made rotis together.

The video began with Bernath telling him that he had recently been to India and learnt how to make rotis.

Trying to replicate that in his kitchen, Bernath put some flour in bowl, Gates added water and began mixing it all together. But dough has to be kneaded to make rotis perfectly.


Bernath then showed Gates how roll out the mixture to make round rotis. Gates, who said the most cooking he has done lately is heating soup, managed an oval-shaped roti.

The chef showed him how rotis are cooked on a "tawa". Once they were ready, Gates slathered some ghee on them.

Then, Bernath made Gates taste the roti. His reaction was "pretty good".

This is the second time the two of them made a video together.

Last year, Gates appeared in Bernath's video to promote his book How To Prevent The Next Pandemic and try out some of the chef's Indian recipes, which he loved. Gates said in the video that he loved Indian food.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is the world's fourth-richest person, with an estimated net worth of $115 billion.

He runs the The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with his ex-wife Melinda French Gates, focuses on fighting infectious diseases. One of their top priorities has been eradicating malaria. They also worked to develop and distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

The power couple got divorced in August, 2021, after nearly 30 years of being married. One of the reasons for their separation, which they both acknowledged publicly, was Bill Gates meeting convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

first published: Feb 3, 2023 08:12 am