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Vivriti Group’s GameChangers Summit 2022 Captures the Essence of Dynamic Leadership in Disruptive Times

GameChangers Summit 2022, to celebrate those who have changed their games in awe-inspiring ways.

September 23, 2022 / 12:21 PM IST

Five years into its mission to change the landscape of mid-market lending, the Rs 6000-crore-AUM NBFC-cum-Asset Management Group – Vivriti, hosted the first edition of the GameChangers Summit  2022, to celebrate those who have changed their games in awe-inspiring ways.

The power-packed event flagging off with a welcome address, Narayan Ramachandran, Independent Chairperson, Vivriti Asset Management, who reiterated the Group’s positioning, remarking, “As the only specialized credit player in the mid-market lending segment, we seek to bring together supply and demand for corporate debt, for both listed and private players.”

A Fireside Chat on ‘the Emergence of Indian Entrepreneurship’ which featured prominent entrepreneurs from diversified  segments of business. The participants, which included Kartik Srivatsa, Managing Partner, India & Chief Strategy Officer, Lightrock India; Anurag Sinha, Founder, OneCard and Chetan Maini, Co-founder and Chairman, Sun Mobility recounted their perceptions of how entrepreneurship had evolved over the years and offered interesting insights on the theme.

The event then showcased a candid and inspiring conversation between Mithali Raj, Former Captain of the Indian Women’s National Cricket Team, a gamechanger in the field of sports, and Gaurav Kapur, Cricket and Television Presenter. “When I take decisions, my top priority is the team’s best interests,” she said. “Sometimes youngsters on the team come up with fresh ideas and it’s good to give them your ear. As a leader, you have to be very open to suggestions and give your team the space to be expressive.”

The Founder and Managing Director of Vivriti Capital and Vivriti Asset Management, Vineet Sukumar, shared a few words of wisdom too. His message was that game changers who inspire us take huge risks with great conviction and these risks pay off when they adopt a bottoms-up approach to the problem. He summed up saying, “The future is coming up very fast and it will take all we have to weather it.”

The next speaker was an innovator, academician, environment activist, education reformist and a revolutionary thinker who has changed the game for an entire community. Sonam Wangchuk, Founder, Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, believed that there are three pillars of problem solving. The first is curiosity, which is the secret of learning. This curiosity must be coupled with empathy – the second pillar – and the desire to solve others pains and problems. The third pillar, according to him, is the spirit of initiative, without which empathy and curiosity do not go very far.

Anita Belani, Independent Director, Vivriti Capital addressed the gathering and introduced the key note speaker of the evening, the legendary KV Kamath, who is currently the Chairman of NaBFID. Belani said, he is one of the biggest game changers of our times in the financial services industry and an inspiration to all.

Sharing his experiences with the audience, KV Kamath said, “I am a great believer in the theory of constraints; when faced with a constraint, we have to jump higher.” He cautioned that choosing between value creation and valuation would always be a challenge and advised, “Our tech-savvy youngsters are truly innovative disruptors and will be unstoppable in their contribution to India’s growth, if they align their value creation and valuation.”

Delivering the closing remarks at the event, Namrata Kaul, Independent Chairperson, Vivriti Capital said, “The Summit has been successful in achieving what it set out to do – to constantly challenge ourselves and to aim for more. That is what we continue to do at Vivriti today. We believe that the market needs not just one Vivriti but many such Vivritis and it’s for all of us to pave the path to reach that goal.”

Vivriti was incorporated in 2017 with the aim to change the landscape of mid-market lending by enabling debt to mid-market enterprises across the country. Over the years, the Group has built a successful franchise, navigating through difficult times – demonetization, rollout of GST, large corporate defaults and of course, Covid19. Through it all, the Group has witnessed 100% year on year growth while maintaining rock-steady asset quality and, as a result, 100 lenders and investors have backed them in this achievement.

As the event drew to a close, the hosts and participants alike looked forward to the next edition of Vivriti’s Game Changers Summit.

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first published: Sep 23, 2022 12:21 pm
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