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Per Annum – India’s Premier Alternate and Fixed Income Investment Platform

May 02, 2022 / 07:15 PM IST

A slew of app-based investment platforms have come into the market horizon to tap the huge group of new-age investors. One of the most notable of these options is Per Annum, India’s premier alternate and fixed income investment platform. This one-stop-shop is for India’s retail investors who want multiple asset options to pick and choose, including and especially the ones which have traditionally only been available to institutional investors alone.

Emphasizing the core principles of simplicity, diversification and liquidity, the platform seeks to establish a trust-based financial platform for investors who have traditionally opted for bank deposits, fixed deposits and PPF to park their funds, mainly due to lack of other options and opting out of participating in the equity markets due to high volatility and lack of transparency. A complicated approach toward investments and lack of customizable options pushed away this group from seriously considering equity or mutual fund portfolios as an alternative investment option.

Per Annum To The Rescue

Per Annum is primarily focused on this underserved group of the Indian retail investors and comes with a wide range of investment portfolio options, focusing across the spectrum of investor community ready to invest anywhere between INR 50,000-50,00,000 and above. We understand that there exists a large community who are risk-averse and ready for low initial investments, but with diversified and customized offerings, Per Annum aims to provide the right platform to accrue high quality, sustainable returns which would beat inflation and generate long term wealth.

The platform’s tagline says it all – democratizing fixed and alternative investment products for India's underserved retail investor community. With curated options available according to your risk appetite and protected through robust risk mitigation mechanisms, the basket allows investments to earn anywhere between 9-15% per annum. What’s more, these products allow you to beat the danger of inflation and value erosion inherent in most traditional fixed income assets, while staying immune to the volatilities posed by stock market assets. This gives the ultimate boost to your investment outlook, and unlocks returns never experienced before!

The Team Behind Per Annum

Per Annum platform comes from the founders behind Lendbox, India’s leading RBI Registered NBFC-P2P Debt Investment platform, founded by Ekmeet Singh, Bhuvan Rustagi and Jatin Malwal. With 60,000+ investors and INR 600+ crore worth of assets under management, Lendbox’s experience in building diversified debt investment products has been utilized in developing fixed income and alternative asset classes through the Per Annum platform. High quality and consistent returns are at the core of the platform, keeping consumer experience and transparency at the centre of every transaction.

Flexibility Is What Differentiates Us

We understand that no two investors are the same, and we have truly imbibed that into our platform's ethos as well! Investors get to choose from a wide range of investment options, some of them not available on any other platform across India! All the products are safe and backed by product partners to provide the cushion of safety so that you can intelligently invest in assets of your choice. Per Annum follows best-in-industry risk assessment practices with stringent cut-offs regarding asset quality as well as the credit and financial health of the product partner.

We offer a large basket of products across categories to diversify risk. A lot of traditional investments such as real estate require high capital commitments which lack liquidity, resulting in a large retail investor group getting excluded. Per Annum opens up such high-class investment portfolios to investors investing as low as INR 50,000, thus ensuring flexibility in the truest sense.

There are primarily two investment asset categories - a fixed-term investment wherein you can earn up to 11% per annum and requires a minimum investment of INR 1 Lakh for a tenure of a minimum 1 year, with no TDS on withdrawals and no investment fee. This option is for those who are in for the long haul, and compounds your returns efficiently!

The Flexi investment route, in contrast, is for those who want to remain invested as per convenience and can withdraw anytime with interest. Investments in this bracket earn up to 9.5% per year and require a minimum investment of INR 50,000. There is no minimum tenure, no TDS on withdrawal, and ZERO withdrawal charges!

We believe that investors should always have control over where their funds are parked at any point in time. This is one of the major USPs of Per Annum, which makes it stand out way above its peers!

Offering Alternative Investment Products

What's more, Per Annum also seeks to introduce additional fixed income and alternative asset classes such as digital gold, asset-backed leasing, fractional real estate, invoicing financings, and start-up financing among many others in the near future.

Per Annum facilitates the underserved investor community with a simple, reliable, flexible, transparent yet powerful platform to invest and experience the power of compounding and growth, all customized according to the risk appetite and invested amount. Built with care and trust from the Lendbox team, we recognize the investment scenario in India like nobody else! Come over, experience and realize the real power of wealth investing and value creation with us!

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first published: Apr 30, 2022 08:53 am