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Here’s why LG refrigerators are the perfect choice to keep your food fresh & healthy

If you’re searching for a refrigerator with unique features that won’t burn a hole in your pocket then LG refrigerators are ideal for you.

May 28, 2020 / 12:32 PM IST

A lot is happening during these times and right now the topmost priority is to keep our family and friends protected and healthy to fight ongoing and upcoming things in life.

We all wish for good health and for that your vegetables and fruits need to be farm fresh and bacteria-free.

LG always has customers as their priority and they are happy to provide a wide range of refrigerators with Hygiene Fresh+™  a 5-Step Hygiene Caring System that circulates fresh air every minute with LG’s patent material which eliminates up to 99.999%* of bacteria.

LG has more to offer this summer and its range of convertible plus refrigerators will ensure that you also maximize your food storage by converting freezer into a fridge. This makes for perfect companions for your home in Indian Summers.

You can go on and store the veggies and fruits for long and need not worry about the food in your fridge as with Inverter Linear Compressor and Door Cooling+ ™ features, it keeps your fruits and veggies farm fresh for long,  and this makes LG Refrigerators a must buy.

 Hygiene Fresh +™
The Hygiene Fresh+™ filter eliminates up to 99.999%* bacteria by delivering strong sterilization and deodorization performance with a 5-stage filtering system. The refrigerator is also very effective in reducing dust, fungi spore, and harmful bacteria while deodorizing the inside of the refrigerator.

Inverter Linear Compressor
Unlike conventional compressors that have a higher temperature variation of  +1.0˚C, LG Inverter Linear Compressor operates within the temperature variation range of  +0.5˚C, that’s almost half the variation. Thus, it provides even and precise cooling that helps retain freshness for long. Also, its Auto Optimal Cooling Feature cools continuously, making it easy to maintain even temperature throughout the refrigerator. This leads to 51%* energy savings and makes 25%* less noise.

In addition to saving energy, it even promises to keep your vegetables crisp, fruit fresh, and meat tasting delicious.

Door Cooling+™
This special feature ensures that there is even cooling of the fruits and vegetables stored inside the refrigerator. LG Door Cooling+™ along with Multi Air Flow makes the inside temperature more even and cools the refrigerator 35%* faster than the conventional cooling system. There are two special vents at the door side in addition to the already existing multi airflow vents that contribute to a more uniform and faster cooling inside the refrigerator.

Additionally, the LG Convertible Plus range of refrigerators not only keeps the food fresh but also helps convert the freezer into the fridge with the convertible technology Also, technologies like Hygiene Fresh+™ eliminates up to 99.999%* bacteria and Big Deodorizer removes bad odor.

With the help of this, users can enjoy the deliciousness of fruits and vegetables even in summers.

LG ThinQ
With LG ThinQ, you can control and diagnose your refrigerator anytime and from anywhere by just a touch on your smartphone. You can diagnose the problems easily and even control the temperature of the refrigerator.

Smart Diagnosis™
With LG Smart Diagnosis™, you don’t have to worry about anything. Now, experience a lot simpler and more intelligent approaches to discover an answer to the issue that your refrigerator is facing. All you have to do is call the LG Customer Service Helpline and place your phone on your refrigerator. Your appliance will then communicate with a computer that can produce diagnosis in a few seconds and provide the best solution.

Auto Smart Connect™
The Auto Smart Connect™ feature helps connect your refrigerator to home inverter. All you have to do here is connect your refrigerator to the home inverter and every time the power goes off, it will automatically take inverter’s power to run the refrigerator without any manual supervision.

If you’re searching for a refrigerator with unique features that don’t burn your pocket then, LG refrigerators are just for you!

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Hygiene Fresh – Applicable to specific models

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first published: May 28, 2020 12:32 pm