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Here’s a lesson in picking the right Gold investment

Different Gold investments cater to a range of investment priorities and risk profiles. Investors must know how to pick the right one.

May 31, 2022 / 08:50 PM IST

A large part of the resurgence of Gold as a strategic investment is due to the availability of a range of Gold investment options. Each instrument allows investors to purchase Gold-based assets in different investment formats, as befits their liquidity needs and risk appetite. The variety of tools also provides an avenue to diversify Gold investments, which the savvy investor can leverage to draw maximum returns.

To help investors navigate the intricacies of various Gold-based investments, and decide ‘Which is the best gold investment option for you?’ is the aim of the third explainer video in the Gold Investor’s Guide series, presented by World Gold Council, in association with Moneycontrol. It presents a comprehensive analysis of the different features of Gold investment tools, with a special focus on the risks and opportunities associated with each. For deeper relevance, the explanation weaves in direct comparisons between two or more Gold-based investments, in order to give viewers a holistic idea of the relative performance of each investment tool under different market conditions.

Apart from listing out essential features of various Gold investments, the explainer video also seeks to highlight lesser-known factors that impact the viability of an investment, whether it’s the extended lock-in period for Sovereign Gold Bonds, or even the storage and making charges that Physical Gold buyers must incur. The minimum investment amount required for different Gold investments also educates viewers about the basic accessibility of various investment tools. Moreover, it allows them to accurately calculate the cost of owning different Gold-based assets. And just like that, what might have seemed complicated at the beginning, starts to look simpler and more promising – even for first time investors.

The series of explainer videos is an attempt to ease individuals into their Gold investment journey, by replacing intuition with information, and confusion with conviction. At the same time, it’s also an attempt to add a new dimension to India’s long-standing love affair with Gold, and sustain its relevance for an emerging generation of young investors.

Learn how to pick the right Gold investment. Watch the full video here.

first published: May 31, 2022 08:41 pm