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Budget 2023
Budget 2023

Dabur Stresscom: Helping People Destress, The Ayurvedic Way

March 30, 2022 / 10:37 AM IST

Let's face it: the last three years have been all about stress. The pandemic loomed large in our thoughts, creating a background hum of low grade anxiety. We were all worried for our jobs, our kids, our parents, our vulnerable elders, our friends with co-morbidities. We worked from home, erasing all boundaries between work and enjoyment, and of course, work won.

We know stress is bad for us. Of course we do. But this is where the world is at, right now. 84% of men, and 79% of women suffer from stress; and burnout has become a recognised, legitimate diagnosis according to the World Health Organization. The worst part is, it isn't limited to the working parent - even for those over 50 years old, stress affects 64% of the population. Students have enormous anxiety, and increasingly, children are struggling with eco-anxiety.

If stress isn't going away, then can we improve our ability to deal with it?

Yes. However, it requires the sort of effort that most of us, who are stressed out to begin with, have no space, time or inclination to make. Try suggesting meditation to a stressed out colleague, and observe their reaction. Relieving stress seems to beget stress. So, how does one adapt to stress, without making significant effort?