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Love Hostel review: Desperately seeking John Wick, in Haryana. The result is howlarious

Bobby Deol’s most ardent fans will agree that he is so much better in memes. Vikrant Massey and Sanya Malhotra compound this mistake by overacting.

February 27, 2022 / 07:36 PM IST
Bobby Deol in 'Love Hostel', streaming on Zee5.

Bobby Deol in 'Love Hostel', streaming on Zee5.

Are we supposed to take this movie about honour-killing seriously? If yes, then why is the ‘killer’ of runaway couples walking about with a dead angry cat glued to his face, WhatsApping their dying photos to the families?

Wait a minute. The man has just hung ‘ghar ki izzat’ and her freshly married lad off a tree in the village. Why would he need to send photos as confirmation of the kill? The whole village will know the two are dead, innit? But if the killer is Bobby Deol, king of memes, then we suppress these questions and watch.

Pretty, perky girl Jyoti Dilawar - Sanya Malhotra - has run away to get married in court with a shy lad called Ashu Shaukeen who runs his father’s butcher shop. Father has been kidnapped by some bad guy and the cops haven’t figured out why. But they’re not important, the Lord of the Memes is!