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Chart of the Day | Wholesale price inflation at 4-month low, but non-food prices spurt

 It’s likely that as the recovery gathers strength, wholesale non-food prices will see higher inflation

January 15, 2021 / 10:45 AM IST
Chart of the Day | Wholesale price inflation at 4-month low, but non-food prices spurt

Wholesale price inflation for December 2020 came in a four-month low of a mere 1.22 percent, compared to a year ago. There are two reasons for the fall—a high base in December 2019 and lower food prices. But there are some niggling worries. (image) The accompanying table shows that apart from food prices, the price of almost everything else went up. Some of the month-on-month increases were substantial. For instance, prices in the ‘crude petroleum and natural gas’ category went up...

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