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What the Sumitomo-Mitsui acquisition of Fullerton tells us about the state of the NBFC sector

The high valuation is also perhaps a signal that the NBFC sector has left behind a torrid couple of years after the collapse of IL&FS

July 08, 2021 / 01:10 PM IST
What the Sumitomo-Mitsui acquisition of Fullerton tells us about the state of the NBFC sector

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To borrow a phrase from Star Trek, non-bank finance companies in India boldly go where no bank has gone before. NBFCs and fintechs are quite happy to do business in segments where banks don’t want to or are too risk-averse to enter. Given the underpenetration of financial services in the Indian economy, it is no wonder that many are making a beeline for this sector. Many companies in this sector are trying to expand the market by using innovative methods...

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