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The Tatas can't afford to miss the e-commerce bus

The Tata Group has one of the strongest consumer franchises, yet entering the hyper-competitive e-grocery segment isn't a choice, but rather the only way the salt-to-software conglomerate can keep pace in a rapidly changing environment

December 09, 2020 / 11:15 AM IST
The Tatas can't afford to miss the e-commerce bus

The Tata Group is reportedly in final stages of negotiation to buy an 80 percent controlling stake in Big Basket. According to reports, the deal will value the e-grocer at $1.6 billion. Given the salt-to-software conglomerate’s patchy track record in making acquisitions work, Big Basket’s losses, and the hyper competition in this segment does this deal make sense for the Tatas? We believe it does. First, e-commerce is one of the fastest growing distribution channels for packaged consumer goods, thanks partly...

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