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The PLI schemes should be designed to take India to the edge of the technology frontier

The PLI schemes must go beyond mere financial help and government intervention must be transformative with deliberate involvement through direct investment, government-led R&D champions, and subsidized industry clusters

September 28, 2022 / 11:42 AM IST
The PLI schemes should be designed to take India to the edge of the technology frontier

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Highlights The PLI scheme is aimed at emulating Chinese and South Korean industrial policies   So far, India has not shown any capability to absorb, develop or innovate with frontier-level technology  Making the PLI scheme truly successful will require a lot more than identifying and supporting domestic champions with financial incentives  Government intervention in the economy must be transformative and at the edge of the technology frontier  Backing too many conventional industries will be a waste of time and money  Much has been said about India’s...

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