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Startup Street: Is ed-tech dead or will it make a comeback?

In 2022, valuations and perceptions of the high-riding ed-tech industry collapsed - causing widespread pain and panic. How did we get to this point? Will it make a comeback?

February 09, 2023 / 09:57 AM IST
Startup Street: Is ed-tech dead or will it make a comeback?

Ed-tech was on a roll. The startup ecosystem was all agog with new ideas in ed-tech. Just as suddenly as it rose, it came crashing down as the economy opened up after COVID fears receded. (Representative Image)

For the longest time, at least until a decade ago, investors scorned technology opportunities in the education sector. The common belief was that outside of a few markets, technology-driven education opportunities were never going to be easy to monetise - whether with consumers (students or parents), educational institutions (schools or higher education colleges and universities) or government education systems. But soon, there was a sea change in this view. Between 2016 and 2021, global companies suddenly experienced exponential growth in...

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