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Start-up Street | Trying to make sense of start-up valuations

Start-up investors who come in last ensure that the company’s valuation continues to sustain at the level at which the last round of investments was made. The onus is then on the entrepreneurs and employees who have to jump through hoops to support those absurdly high valuations with performance.

November 24, 2021 / 09:15 AM IST
Start-up Street | Trying to make sense of start-up valuations

The recent IPOs of loss-making and money guzzling start-ups made many think that either the world has lost its wits, or that the retail investor has become savvier with a higher risk appetite.  But the post-IPO listing of fintech behemoth Paytm (One 97 Communications Ltd) when its share price tanked 27% from the IPO price seems to have caused more than a crease on the foreheads of investors and cheerleaders. Worse, the financial advisory firm Macquarie said it sees a 44% downside in 'cash guzzler' Paytm, and set a target at Rs 1,200.  Further, the...

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