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India@75: How have we done on per capita income?

At the time of Independence, our per capita income was lower than that of Afghanistan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the Central African Republic, and the Congo. On the other hand, it was higher than that of China and South Korea 

August 11, 2022 / 12:01 PM IST
India@75: How have we done on per capita income?

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One obvious way to judge how the Indian economy has performed since Independence is to compare it with other economies in the region. The yardstick used could be the growth in per capita income. Angus Maddison, the famed British economic historian, had computed GDP per capita for most countries of the world, with the data going back centuries for some of them. After his death, his close colleagues initiated the Maddison Project, with a view to refining and updating his...

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