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If the government and courts are on the same page, what is holding back judicial reform?

All are agreed that a specialised agency is needed to manage the judiciary’s administrative functions. The union finance ministry said in 2019 that an “Indian Courts and Tribunal Service” is needed

August 05, 2022 / 11:03 AM IST
If the government and courts are on the same page, what is holding back judicial reform?

One problem which is within judges’ direct powers to solve is case management

With celebrations of the 75th year of Indian independence on in full swing, the prime minister has made a very important point by choosing to equate the ease of justice with the ease of living and ease of doing business. He specifically requested the district judges, who are chairmen of the district level undertrial review committees, to speed up the release of undertrial prisoners. This issue of undertrial prisoners languishing in jail for want of legal advice is actually just one...

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