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How to make the most of your health insurance

Policyholder needs to call the helpline number or check the website of the insurer and have a check if there are any services or offers are covered under his or her health insurance plan.

November 16, 2017 / 10:35 AM IST

Naval Goel

Health insurance is a mandatory thing that helps an individual to maintain the peace of mind. Health insurance is not important for the emergencies but it also offers value for money in our life. An aware insurance holder can take advantage out of every insurance plan. These advantages are not just about the concession or cashless medical bills, relaxation in visiting fees of the doctor and lab test bills, but it helps you to save money in many other ways and you can have a healthy body with a healthy pocket.

Policyholder needs to call the helpline number or check the website of the insurer and have a check if there are any services or offers are covered under his or her health insurance plan at a negligible cost or for absolutely no extra cost.

The services available with health insurance can be as following –

• Education

There are few insurers that offer classes or seminars in the health-related fields such as, fitness, nutrition or healthy life.

• Disease Management

Certain health insurance plan offers education, classes, guidance, and counseling in order to support and build positivity in the people who are fighting with the chronic diseases, critical illness or mental health issues.

• Discounts

Some health insurance plan offers discounts to the policyholder to avail the service and products that are related to health and wellness such as massage sessions, gym membership, etc.

• Healthy – Living Rewards

Many health insurance plans boost the healthy lifestyle of policyholder by rewarding them for being healthy and fit. One can even get benefits for eating right or exercising.

• Help In Kicking The Addiction

Many health insurance plans offer the anti addition plan to quit – smoking coaches, support groups and hotlines that will help the policyholder to kick the harmful addiction.

• Health Assessments And Health Coaches

Many health insurances offer the policyholders various health facilities such as free blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index and height, weight screenings. Sometimes there is an in-depth questionnaire that one needs to fill out for a more detail view of their overall health.

• Screenings And Vaccinations

As per the health care reform, the policyholder is not required to pay extra for many important cancer screening and vaccinations. There are various preventive screenings.

With the following tips, one can easily secure money out of the health insurance plan -

• Pay Attention During The Open Enrollment

If any policyholder gets health insurance through his or her work, then any change can be made in the benefits only after a year during open enrollment. One needs to be attentive and take a good look on the health expenses that he makes in the past year including medical bills and doctor fees and then think about any change that will be there in life in the upcoming year such as marriage or babies. After taking a good note of these points, policyholder might change the health insurance plan or tweak the same on the basis of observation and need.

• Secure With The Freebies

One should look at a broader horizon and should cover the annual flu shot and other illness in the help insurance plan to save any extra expense later on.

• Network Doctors

One should always have knowledge about the doctors who participate in the health insurance plan you owe, as it costs less to consult a network doctor than a regular one.

• Choosing The Right Plan

One need to buy an insurance plan that is best for the individual and family as per the requirement. The policyholder should keep an eye on the family needs and coverage of the health insurance plan. As if your plan covers prenatal and maternity care, then its premium will be high as compared to the plan that is covering normal health illness. One can choose a high deductible health plan with lower premiums and save money.

• Healthy Lifestyle

One can save a lot of money with a simple healthy lifestyle that does not only consist of free morning and evening walks, but the healthy diet and no harmful addiction of smoking or alcohol. If you choose to eat fresh and green, you will be healthy and enjoy life at its best.


Stay well! Living a healthy lifestyle and keeping chronic diseases under control can mean lower health care costs. Go for the right health insurance plan that can easily meet your requirements and use it beneficialy.

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first published: Nov 16, 2017 10:35 am

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