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Apollo Hospitals shifts capex focus on delay in digital unit's fund-raising

In the near term it will add to capacity in its existing markets, adding more beds at Chennai and Bengaluru

May 30, 2022 / 08:49 AM IST
Apollo Hospitals shifts capex focus on delay in digital unit's fund-raising

A delay in finding an investor for Apollo HealthCo is driving a subtle change in Apollo Hospitals Enterprise’s capital expenditure (capex) strategy. The company is focusing more on brownfield expansion than entering new markets, according to management commentary given after its March 2022 quarter earnings. Apollo aims to build a 650-bed facility at a recently acquired partly constructed structure in Chennai's OMR Road. Additionally, the company plans to add 200-300 beds in Bengaluru. A few months back, after the December 2021 quarter had ended, it had laid out plans to add 2,000 beds in key locations. The company retains its objective of growing...

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