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A section of farmers wants to cling on to a system that has outlived its utility

Today’s national needs are different and the system needs to change. The crux of the farmers’ objection to the new policy is that it will end his life of risk-free farming

December 03, 2020 / 08:28 AM IST
A section of farmers wants to cling on to a system that has outlived its utility

Security deployment on way to Chandigarh-Delhi Highway as farmers gather to proceed to the national capital for staging a demonstration. Delhi Police has stated that farmers do have permission to stage a protest. (Image: Twitter @ANI)

The farmers from the northwest, protesting the reforms in agricultural trade, have reached the Delhi border and seem in no mood to give in on their demand for restoring the system that was there earlier. They are insistent on at least one aspect – the institution of the minimum support price (MSP) being written into law. This the government has not accepted; one meeting has been held with the agitation leaders and others will doubtless follow. Right now the government...

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