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Mindtree – Can it maintain its winning streak?

Mindree remains a winner for the long term, investors may like to take the profit on our tactical call and re-enter, should the stock correct because of market consolidation

April 19, 2021 / 09:11 AM IST
Mindtree – Can it maintain its winning streak?

Mindtree (CMP: Rs 2069 Market Cap: Rs 34,091 crore) has been a winning stock on our recommendation list. We had recommended it recently in our weekly tactical pick (on February 26, 2021) at a price of Rs 1604 — in less than two months, the stock has delivered a return of 29 per cent against a 3 per cent decline in the Nifty and a 7 per cent rally in the BSE IT index. The company has again surprised...

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