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Are 10-minute deliveries failing?

The much hyped yet disputed ‘10-minute delivery’ concept seems to have been relegated backstage with a new battle brewing among quick commerce and food-delivery players for delivery agents.

May 17, 2022 / 11:12 AM IST

In the last few months, Zepto, BlinkIt and Zomato have gone out of their way to promote ‘10-minute delivery’ even as they faced a lot of criticism from netizens, restaurant partners and delivery partners among others.

However, let alone 10 minutes, deliveries are taking longer than usual thanks to internal and external competition among quick commerce and food delivery players, which is leading to high attrition of delivery partners, hurting the prospects of 10-minute deliveries. Moreover, delivery executives going back to their pre-pandemic jobs, which yield higher pay, is also hurting quick commerce and food-delivery companies.

Moneycontrol spoke to one of Zepto’s delivery partners who delivered an order in 14 minutes.
“Was I late?” said Vijay when he was asked if he knew that the delivery time was changed to 14 minutes from 10 minutes. The partner, Vijay K, said that his compensation depended on the time taken to deliver, and that late delivery would yield a lower delivery fee.

 “If the delivery is delayed, I get a pay cut from my per-delivery fee,” Vijay added, requesting a five-star rating as a good rating would help him get more orders.