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Why do AMC stocks lack shine despite strong equity inflows in mutual funds?

The profit of AMCs may not grow in tandem with AUM growth as passive assets keep rising.

March 20, 2023 / 10:41 AM IST
Why do AMC stocks lack shine despite strong equity inflows in mutual funds?

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Highlights Net inflows in equity funds healthy SIP flows very encouraging Passive flows have been rising ETFs growth aided by EPFO flows; exponential growth in index funds The dichotomy – strong MF inflows but stocks underperforming The mutual fund industry has seen a strong start to 2023. Net inflows into equity schemes that have been positive since March ’21 surged in February. Investors poured Rs 15,657 crore into equity schemes in the last month compared with Rs 12,472 crore in January ’23. Thanks to the positive...

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