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Equity inflows moderate in June, but rising SIP folios and assets a bright spot

Regular investing in MF schemes reached a new milestone, with SIP accounts crossing 4 crore and SIP AUM reaching an all-time high of Rs 483,964 crore

July 12, 2021 / 03:49 PM IST
Equity inflows moderate in June, but rising SIP folios and assets a bright spot

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Inflows into equity markets and mutual funds (MFs) were in sync in June. Equity markets scaled new highs and MFs saw net equity inflows for the fourth month in a row in June, though the inflows moderated significantly, compared to the previous month. Assets under management (AUM) of the MF industry increased by 2 per cent over the previous month to Rs 33.67 lakh crore as of June end. The rise in overall AUM was on the back of inflows...

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