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Cadila: Unfolding vaccine opportunity can offset US headwinds

For a longer term play, Cadila has a promising pipeline for NCEs (New chemical entities), biosimilars and injectables

November 01, 2021 / 11:56 AM IST
Cadila: Unfolding vaccine opportunity can offset US headwinds

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Quarterly performance largely backed by improved realisations
Medium-term triggers China plus and protectionist measures for tyre industry
Valuations not inexpensive; but improved medium-term outlook

Cadila Healthcare (CMP: Rs 503, Market Cap: Rs 51,474 crore) has reported a weak set of numbers in Q2FY22, impacted by the price erosion in the US market. While pricing headwinds are expected to remain in the near term, vaccine opportunity in India and the improving margins trajectory should help offset the impact. At the same time, a promising pipeline of NCEs (new chemical entities), biosimilars and injectables will be a key factor in the long run. Q2 takeaways (image) During the...

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