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Astra Microwave: Back in the reckoning

Improving earnings outlook, strong order book and strengthening balance sheet to keep Astra Microwave stock in the limelight

January 05, 2021 / 02:10 PM IST
Astra Microwave: Back in the reckoning

Astra Microwave Products  | In the September quarter, Radhakishan Damani held a 1.03 percent holding in the stock, and FIIs have increased its stake to 0.59 percent from 0.48 percent in the June quarter. In FY21 so far the stock price has risen 105 percent to Rs 106.60 as on October 26.

Highlights - Strong execution and improving utilisation improves earning visibility - Robust order book and good order pipeline to support higher scale - Cash in the books and control over working capital strengthen balance sheet - Stock attractively valued at 12 times fiscal 2022 estimated earnings Around July last year Astra Microwave Products was trading about Rs 100 a share and the stock generated huge interest once it came to light post the declaration of shareholding for the June quarter that ace investor Radhakishan...

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