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What to look forward to at this year's Traders Carnival

The annual Traders Carnival is being held in Coimbatore and will capture the changing market dynamics. Live trading, expiry day trading, currency and commodity traders will be showcasing their skills.

It's that time of the year when expert traders from across the country assemble to showcase their skills to an awestruck audience. It is not the strategy alone that attracts audiences every year, but the chance to meet expert traders, network with them and get first-hand advice on the areas which are holding them back.

This year’s Trader Carnival to be held in Coimbatore on 19-20 December, is a bit different. Apart from being called a TCx Masterclass, its a bilingual version of the Carnival and takes place on days when the market is open. There will be live trading sessions and apart from equities – mainly options --  commodities and currency options too will be discussed.

Dharmaraj Janakiram, popularly known as DJ and his wife Rekha are the brains behind the annual traders meet. In a chat with Moneycontrol, which is the Digital Partner of this year’s event, DJ talks about what makes Traders Carnival 2019 a must-attend event for traders.


Q: DJ, what is Traders Carnival?

A: Traders Carnival is a platform for Traders in India to get together once a year to learn new trading strategies, trading soft skills and join a large Trader community in India. We bring phenomenally successful traders to share learnings, teach strategies, meet and interact over a residential conference.

The Carnival is an opportunity for Traders to interact with other traders, learn from their success stories and more importantly, their failures.

In short, Traders Carnival helps traders upgrade their trading skills and get consistently profitable in the markets.

Q: How did it all start?

A: We started on a cold October morning in 2012 at Bangalore and from then, we have had 9 editions of Traders Carnival in different cities in India and abroad so far.

Over two thousand traders from India and abroad have attended the Carnivals so far. A good percentage of them have been what we fondly call ‘repeat offenders’ who come back to the Carnival each year to learn more strategies, refine their existing ones and catch up with their trading buddies from over the years at the Carnival

Q: What is special about the Coimbatore Carnival in December 2019

A: For starters, we are calling it the TCx Masterclass.

Well, we have seen interest from places like Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem, Erode, Tirunelveli, Chennai and several parts of Tamil Nadu in recent times. Traders from these locations have attended Carnivals at Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Bangkok over the years. And some of them felt that a bilingual version of the Carnival was needed for those who were more comfortable in the local language. Hence, our first foray into a non-metro city, Coimbatore. And I am happy to share that we have already people from these locations registering for the Carnival at Coimbatore.

Given the new addition of traders from Tamil Nadu, we are continuing with our move towards having this event for the first time in a bilingual format. To elaborate, all sessions will be in English while any clarifications sought in Tamil would be responded to both in English and Tamil.

And most of the speakers at the TCx Masterclass speak Tamil.

One prominent feature is that 5 out of the 7 speakers at the Coimbatore Carnival are Tamil speaking professional traders, lending itself quite well to the format and genre of the Conference.

And this attempt blends in well with our endeavour to bring top trading talent from India and abroad to traders in these regions which haven't seen such an opportunity so far.

Q: So what's new at TCx Masterclass?

A: Having seen interest from the community for deep dive into options, we have gone ‘all in’ in terms of strategies based on options. Given that over 40% of the registered participants are just starting trading options - buying them that is - this event focuses on buying options, intraday plays, scalping even. It is a given that this is a low-risk high reward strategy, however, we also have presenters at Coimbatore showcasing how one can write options, and at times naked options too at that, with risk defined strategies.

Interest seen among commodities and currency options too, apart from equity. So a deep dive into these asset classes will be done at the Carnival for the first time. One key point mentioned by traders in these asset classes is the relatively low entry barrier required to trade them.

Q: What kind of speakers do you have at Coimbatore? What can participants expect out of attending the Carnival?

For starters, we have 7 exceptional speakers though only a couple have, till now, been discovered by business media.

I would like to detail this point a bit.

Jai Bala (Singapore) and Gaurav Bissa (Mumbai) have been seen on television over the years and are acclaimed traders/analysts.

While Jai Bala has traded a 1 billion USD fund at Singapore successfully over the years, he would be sharing trend following strategies based on Elliot Wave Analysis at Coimbatore. He is a positional trader and has made many successful and hugely profitable trades over the years by waiting patiently for the kill. Sometimes waits even for weeks. And then pounces for the kill.

Gaurav Bissa works for a large brokerage house in Mumbai, handles a Rs 100 crore option book and is extremely competent at two of his favourite strategies - Harmonics and Ichimoku. Attendees could benefit from closely following his strategies and he even plans to do an AMA all-nighter (Ask Me Anything) for the benefit of participants. No question is out of bounds (market-related of course)

Sivakumar Jayachandran is what one would call an avid scalper. An ace at his craft, over the years, following many failures, of course, he has now scaled the pain barrier and has been consistently successful. Some of his trades last seconds. We may have to put up a note saying ‘do not try this at home’ but then learning his strategy and setup, which I found to be ridiculously simple may benefit a large number of full-time trading professionals.

Gurumoorthy Iyer, like most staid Chennai residents, has a laid back demeanour. But there is nothing laid back about his approach to trading. He has honed his craft at scalping and extremely fast reversal patterns that it would not be out of place to have the moniker ‘Quick Gun Murugan’ for him. Guru will also showcase a passive trading strategy for investors which could potentially net about 5% ROI per month based on an investor’s portfolio.

Manikandan Ramalingam, again from Chennai, is a prolific trend following trader. Trades options too and folks can benefit out of his options-based strategies.

Abid Hassan is one who you would call a trader for life. Trades designs options-based strategies. He is the founder of ‘Sensibull’ and has also associated with a good number of prominent brokers in India to provide these services.

Vivek Mashrani - We are delighted to have him back at the Carnival after a great response at Goa. He would focus on a combination of Fundamentals and Technicals to take trades, a trend which is fast catching up among Indian Traders.

A special attraction of the Coimbatore Carnival would be the Expiry Day Live Trading Masterclass by some of these Presenters where you could follow their trades, understand Trade Management holistically and interact with them after 3:30 pm.

To sum it up, we have Traders at Coimbatore show how they, on a good month, make 15 percent RoI. And thus we are happy to bring to Coimbatore in December (19.20) this group of immensely talented professional traders who are thought leaders willing to chip away at the obstacles, cut through the noise and play the game.

Q: What can a participant expect take away from attending the Carnival?

A: Attendees can look forward to the following:

Being part of a workshop format over the two-day residential conference, they can look to learn at least 7 working strategies that practitioners who have mastered their craft deploy currently and is working for them

Gain insights into how the Pros failed and actions they took about overcoming those failures

Meet a large community of traders from India and abroad. Yes, we are also seeing participation from places other than Tamil Nadu for a regional bilingual conference. Such as Mumbai (the regular culprits), Delhi, places in Gujarat. And for good measure, add Dubai, USA and a surprise first-time addition - Copenhagen, Denmark. So participants can expect a truly global perspective within the Indian context.

And finally, we have presented Traders Carnival over the years with context-sensitive content for traders, brilliant presenters and a lot of love. And hope to reunite with the trading community at Coimbatore this December.

Link to register for the Coimbatore Carnival.

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First Published on Dec 3, 2019 06:20 pm
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