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GuruSpeak: Manoj Kumar Giri – the journey from Fashion technology to options trading

My philosophy is to float like a jellyfish. I do not draw a line in the sand and trade only that particular strategy. I try to find out the strategies that will work in which particular environment

October 10, 2020 / 02:16 AM IST
GuruSpeak: Manoj Kumar Giri – the journey from Fashion technology to options trading

  With the spread of the internet, social media and online training sessions, access to knowledge on markets have become easy. While knowledge can be passed on, skill has to be acquired through practice, patience, passion and dedication. And it takes time to be skilful. Manoj Kumar Giri, a Lucknow-based trader sharpened his trading skills the hard way. Born in a village near Lucknow and married even before he was a graduate, Giri had his share of tough luck as he...

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