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GuruSpeak | Manikandan Ramalingam - A trader who excelled by teaching others

Manikandan Ramalingam a self-taught trader who runs the commonly used site opens up on his strategy for investing and expiry day trading.

February 14, 2020 / 09:26 AM IST
GuruSpeak | Manikandan Ramalingam - A trader who excelled by teaching others

As you teach, you learn, is an old proverb, but one that has helped Manikandan Ramalingam (Mani as he is commonly known) become a successful trader. Son of a nuclear scientist, he dabbled with shares in the 2007 market boom. But his biggest learning came when he started the now commonly used site and a YouTube channel by the same name. What started as a discussion board led Mani to take a deep dive into what makes a market work. Mani...

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