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Why Sansera Engineering IPO is a compelling bet

The IPO of Sansera has been priced at reasonable levels, and we advise investors to subscribe for the long term, given the massive growth opportunities and its stellar operating performance

September 15, 2021 / 02:20 PM IST
Why Sansera Engineering IPO is a compelling bet

PRO Only Highlights
Quarterly performance largely backed by improved realisations
Medium-term triggers China plus and protectionist measures for tyre industry
Valuations not inexpensive; but improved medium-term outlook

In the ongoing spree of initial public offers (IPOs), Sansera Engineering (Sansera) is open for subscription from September 14. Sansera is a leading automotive technology company, which is into engineering-led integrated manufacturing of complex and critical precision engineered components across automotive and non-automotive sectors. The IPO is coming at a time when the automobile space is expected to offer significant opportunities in the years to come. Further, it’s diversifying across the electric and hybrid vehicle space, which offers multi-fold opportunities. The IPO...

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