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What are the different types of mutual funds in India?

Mutual Fund Types: Learn about mutual funds & the different types of Mutual Funds available in India. Click here to read more on various types of MF at Moneycontrol.

December 03, 2019 / 03:56 PM IST

A mutual fund is a way to pool in money for investment in a variety of underlying securities. A mutual fund house issues unit of mutual funds to investors in proportion to their investment money. The objectives of the mutual fund are disclosed in the offer document. The profits or losses are shared by investors in proportion to their investments. A mutual fund must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) before it can collect funds from the public.

A mutual fund is a popular investment option as it provides access to a large portfolio of assets. Some of the mutual funds also provide higher returns than the ones from conventional investments. A mutual fund is professionally managed by a fund manager who takes all the decisions in line with the financial goals of the investor.

There are various types of mutual funds on the basis of the maturity period and investment objectives. Let’s take a look at the various types of mutual funds


Types of Mutual Funds Based on Asset Class

On the basis of the type of underlying asset in which investment is made, the following are the various types of mutual funds: