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Antarctica - A land of fabled creatures

Antarctica and its myriad exotic life will invariably challenge you to embrace life fully. This vast white wilderness of elemental forces has never been permanently occupied by a man.

Anusua Banerjee @moneycontrolcom

No place on earth can match Antarctica’s surreal remoteness and vast white wilderness.

Preserved by the Antarctic Treaty, Antarctica is home to some of the most extraordinary species like the emperor penguin and the Weddell seal.

Most exciting of all species are the humpback whales with their magnificent tails emerging and dipping in water. The glassy world of the Weddell Sea is surrounded by a panorama of skyscrapers.

A long chain of explorers and their sovereigns are written on Antarctica’s shores for visitors to follow their footsteps and penetrate into this mysterious land. Some of the historic huts remain preserved and narrate a million stories.


Antarctica possesses an unimaginable quality of giving you a real feel of the landscapes with the wildlife up close and personal. It is a harshly beautiful land with geometric towers of pancake ice and untouched mountains.

Most people travel to Antarctica on a cruise ship which might not be as luxurious as big vessels but provide reasonable levels of comfort. To let our minds soar in a place nearly free of human mankind is magical.

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First Published on Aug 21, 2018 07:21 pm
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