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Rummy Passion rocks with a prestigious slot in online gaming

The following article is an initiative of Rummy Passion and is intended to create awareness among readers

November 12, 2018 / 12:31 PM IST

Several factors have contributed to the simple card game of Indian Rummy amassing such a thumping success. Technological breakthroughs in smartphones and internet coupled with the tireless efforts of gaming operators, have brought about a revolution in the industry.

One such commendable name is The portal gave an all-new façade to the online rummy game on the mobile and on the computer. Providing Indian card lovers with an international standard gaming experience in a perfectly safe and secure gaming environment yielded results and the portal soon grabbed the title of India’s most loved rummy website.

Indians Love Rummy And It Shows

Rummy Passion initially won the hearts of South Indian players; and is now marking a pan-India presence by making inroads into the North Indian states of Rajasthan, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh. With over 1.5 lakh registered users so far and thousands of players arriving at its vibrant rummy tables every day, Rummy Passion has been clocking a humongous 100% growth every quarter since its inception.

The portal offers the 13 Card Indian Rummy game in its different versions, namely - Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Tournaments. Apart from this, players have the choice of playing free rummy games with practice chips as well as cash rummy games with real money. Tournaments are a big draw and daily Free Roll tournaments are often sold out. Rummy Passion uses gaming software certified by international agencies of repute. The site is mobile friendly - the games can as easily be accessed and played on an Android or iOS smartphone as on a computer.

A gaming start-up that debuted on the igaming scene in late 2015, boasts 3,00,00,000 rummy games played till date, with an average 25,000 games played every day. Their tables are wide-ranging. Beginning at 10 paise per point and going up to Rs 125 per point, the games cater to a diverse audience. When there’s something for every segment of players, they throng to play the games they love!

The site has garnered such tremendous popularity in its infancy itself by dint of its attractive interface, fair gaming practices, quick withdrawals and player-friendly services. It is a proud member of TRF or The Rummy Federation as also AIGF or All India Gaming Federation - both of which are self-regulatory organizations whose aim is to ensure that gaming operators in India follow stringent security norms; and the gaming scene in India is fair and ethical, and keeps players’ interest at the forefront.

Playing Cards Go Back A Long Way In Time

Rummy is a game that Indians have been playing for ages at clubs, social gatherings, functions, festivals, outings, and while travelling. A hint of nostalgia conjures up images of lazy afternoon games with friends and cousins for many of us. But at the bottom of it, Rummy’s inherent ability to engage players hand after hand is what is the most intriguing. This is because it is a skill game that requires the players to strain their mind and memory. And now that it is available on the Mobile, not only those who have played it with real cards in their childhood but also others, who have had no previous exposure to this game, are catching a fancy for it.

There are scads of theories about the origin of cards and card games. One of them is that India, renowned for being the seat of the ancient Indus Valley civilisation, was the birthplace of cards. People called them Krida-Patram in the days of yore; the hand-made circular pieces of art, transformed into Ganjifa in the Mughal era, and then gave way to printed paper cards during the British rule. Eventually, plastic coated ones made their way in the 70’s and that’s the kind of card deck you and I are familiar with.

There is a history of playing cards and the corroboration here is that when there were cards – there were card games! An old card game played in India and its sub-continent is rummy. A few rules changed with time, but in essence it has remained the same. It has been prevalent across the world in different variations, such as 13 Card Indian Rummy, Canasta, Rummikub, Gin Rummy, Persian Rummy, and Oklahoma Rummy.

Call it Rummy or Paplu; play it in Mumbai or Indore – the game is essentially about melding cards. There can be 2 to 6 people at a table and players pick and drop cards on their respective turns, to achieve the goal of holding perfectly melded cards in the shortest number of turns. A combination as 5, 6, 7 is referred to as a sequence or run; while one as 6♣, 6, 6♠ is called a set.

Technology Is The Game Changer

With advancements in technology, the traditional game is now tech-savvy and available to card lovers as online rummy. The simple but highly engaging and entertaining skill game has taken the world by storm and has been scaling new heights of popularity.

In India, gaming moved from physical tables to virtual ones more than a decade ago. Based on a recent report by Deloitte, online gaming, mostly through handheld gadgets, is slated to overtake radio and music industries put together in the next five years to account for Rs 11,880 crore in revenue. The Indian Mobile Gaming Industry has been recording unprecedented growth and is expected to reach a whopping $ 3 billion by 2019. Within the gaming industry, digital card games continue to witness a stupendous 100% growth every quarter, thanks to the easy availability of affordable smartphones and cheap data. As per KPMG estimates, online card gaming in India is worth $250 - 300 million. More than 33% Indians engage in mobile gaming, with 40% males and 30% females playing mobile games at least 5 days a week and for at least half an hour every time they log in. Indians fell in love with the international game ‘Candy Crush’ but still give preference to the ‘desi’ touch, which is the reason behind the enormous popularity of the Indian Rummy Game. An average gamer splurges 7- 10% of his/her mobile time on games and allocates 33% of his/her recreation budget to mobile games. Game downloads on different gadgets are to the tune of 500 million and 10% of these are for rummy games.

The Now and Future of Rummy Gaming

Bigger companies in the industry have already made strides in self-regulation just like their European counterparts and have created self-regulatory bodies that ensure transparent, responsible and ethical gaming. Rummy Passion is one of the four large players that have adopted stringent self-regulatory standards in the country. In the pipeline are user intuitive games, features and even VR experience. Though still being debated, crypto currency could be an accepted means of transacting for gaming in the future. Much depends on India’s regulatory framework and its legal acceptance or rejection of virtual currencies.

In the meantime, hordes of gamers from diverse demographics are jumping on to the rummy bandwagon, and it is anticipated that the online rummy gaming industry in India is going to double itself every three years in the coming days. Pro players of the game are engaging in it as an out-of-the-box approach for earning money online. As more and more gamers are signing up to play, it is on its path to becoming a prime contributor to the revenue generated by online games. The rummy game has traversed across years and adapted with the changing times to reach its present form. In contemporary times, when the masses look for diverse ways to amuse themselves, rummy has donned a classy outlook to strike a chord with the ‘it’ crowd.

first published: Nov 12, 2018 12:31 pm