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From Freelancers To Retail Merchants And More, Here’s Why Paytm Payment Links Are A Gamechanger For Small Businesses

Paytm Payment Link is trusted by lakhs of merchants from small to some of the biggest name in the country.

April 29, 2022 / 06:49 PM IST

For many small businesses, creativity and ideas come at all times of the day. While managing a business as a solo entrepreneur or with a small team comes with many challenges, the last thing you want is to spend tech bandwidth integrating a full-fledged payment gateway. While integrating a payment gateway is fairly simple, it does require coding knowledge.

It also needs small business owners to invest in a website by buying a domain and spending on UI/ UX to facilitate payments via the gateway platform. All of these costs eventually eat into the profits of small start-ups where every penny matters.

Thankfully, the solution is now at hand with Paytm Payment Links that comes with an array of features designed to help small business owners take complete ownership of their payment collection issues with zero code, even without a website or app. The game changing solution from Paytm Payment Links allows you to collect payments directly from WhatsApp, email, SMS and more.

1 - Problems With Payment Collection