Sep 15, 2017 06:20 PM IST

Make payments through your phone with Samsung Pay and SC UPI

The following article is an initiative of Standard Chartered Bank and is intended to create awareness among the readers.

When it comes to paying for something, or transferring money to family, it can be frustrating when you realise that you left your cards at home.

But the latest technology ensures that all you need is your phone to send and collect money or shop and dine.

Spend Smarter

A mobile wallet means that you no longer have to rely on plastic.

With Standard Chartered cards now available on Samsung Pay, all your credit and debit cards can be stored securely in a tokenised form in your smartphone. It makes shopping and dining more convenient than ever before.

Setting it up is easy and secure, you simply add your cards by scanning them, or manually inputting your card information. The actual card details will always be protected, as it’s not stored on the device. Each transaction is encrypted for added security.

Using it is easy. Just swipe, authenticate with your fingerprint or a four-digit pin and hold your phone over the payment terminal to complete your purchase.

Transferring in one go

When you’re away from home and your family needs money urgently it relieves the stress if you can make an immediate transfer using your smart phone. SC UPI app helps send / receive money using just your smartphone— without entering additional bank details.

You can use funds directly from your accounts and make the most of daily limits.

Leave your wallet at home with Samsung Pay. Find out more

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