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The Eastern Window | What China’s economic slowdown would mean to the global supply chain

China’s lockdown strategy has led to severe problems for buyers of Chinese goods worldwide. But this was just a trailer to the more damaging impact on the global supply chain that would be caused by the economic slowdown in China

May 16, 2022 / 09:51 AM IST
The Eastern Window | What China’s economic slowdown would mean to the global supply chain

Tough coronavirus curbs in Shanghai have stirred rare public anger, with millions of the city's 25 million people stuck indoors for more than a month, some sealed inside fenced-off residential compounds and many struggling for daily necessities. (Image: Reuters)

China is showing strong signs of a severe economic slowdown that might gravely impact the global supply chain. Questions are being asked whether the effect of the Chinese slowdown would be as intense as the damage done to the world economy by the Ukrainian crisis. As the world’s second-biggest economy, China plays an important part as both a supplier and buyer of goods. A severe economic slowdown in China will add to the effect of the Ukrainian crisis and cause...

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