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The Eastern Window: An expanded BRICS will be a challenge to US hegemony

BRICS is due to play a key role in oil politics with six crude producing nations including Saudi Arabia seeking its membership. This is among the efforts being made to reduce US influence in world affairs with China and Russia playing a key role. Efforts include an attempt to create a BRICS currency to ditch the US dollar

May 22, 2023 / 08:40 AM IST
The Eastern Window: An expanded BRICS will be a challenge to US hegemony

India cannot stay away from the complex political game because it is a member of BRICS and the second biggest oil buyer

Highlights Six oil producing nations including Saudi Arabia have sought membership of BRICS If admitted, they will give BRICS a key role in oil politics China and Russia are persuading oil producing countries to act independently and counter US influence Next August, BRICS will discuss the idea of its own currency. ASEAN nations have also decided to reduce dependence of the US dollar India’s prestige as an independent and non-aligned nation will rise. But it will also come under pressure from different groups In a...

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