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Star Health's single business focus is both an advantage and a drawback

While evaluating its IPO, investors will have to weigh its position as the largest standalone health insurer versus diversified general insurers, who withstood the COVID-19 storm better

November 26, 2021 / 09:17 AM IST
Star Health's single business focus is both an advantage and a drawback

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Star Health and Allied Insurance Co’s unique position in the Indian health insurance industry is well known. It is the biggest standalone private health insurance company, boasting a sizeable market share in the retail (individual) health insurance segment. The company has been growing fast and rising awareness about health insurance provides it a good runway for business expansion. Still, as investors consider whether to invest in the company’s initial public offering, which is scheduled to open on November 30, they will do well to compare it against similar options. It may not be strictly focused...

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