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SC decision to bring more credibility to the Election Commission

The collegium system is already followed for appointments to the higher judiciary, the Central Information Commission and the Central Vigilance Commission

March 06, 2023 / 12:44 PM IST
SC decision to bring more credibility to the Election Commission

The unhappiness with the EC appointment process stretches back to the father of the Constitution B R Ambedkar and comes right up to the present day. (File Image: PTI)

The Supreme Court, after deliberating on four civil writ petitions before it pointing to the fact that a law under article 342 of the Constitution to appoint election commissioners is necessary but has not been enacted, has decided to order an interim arrangement which seeks to fill the gap. Its likely impact will be a more independent election commission which will be less beholden to the government of the day. A five-judge Constitution bench of the court has through a...

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