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Revival in engineering services spend puts L&T Tech, Tata Elxsi firmly on growth path

L&T Technology Services' FY25 revenue target implies an average annual growth of 19 percent between FY21-25. That's good news for Tata Elxsi, too

September 06, 2021 / 10:28 AM IST
Revival in engineering services spend puts L&T Tech, Tata Elxsi firmly on growth path

IT services stocks hog the limelight in the technology sector due to their large scale and relatively lesser volatility in revenue. However, engineering services providers though not inexpensive are feared to be constrained by their business potential and the cyclicality associated with customer spends, particularly in aerospace, automobile and industrial products. But, thanks to the pandemic induced digital transformation and advent of new technologies such as electric vehicles (EV), global engineering, research and development (ERD) spending is reviving. This can not only drive sustained recovery at ERD service...

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